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Cole Porter - All Star Tribute
Ethel Merman, John Raitt,
Martha Wright, Gretchen Wyler,
Peter Nero, and Jillana

New Orleans Opera
and its Singers, 1859 -1919
Bourbon Street to Paradise

Indianapolis Children's Choir

performing Purcell & Britten

Greatest Hits of Christmas
by the greatest artists!

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Alda, Frances
Acoustic & Electric Recs.

Anderson, Marian
Rare & Unpublished Recs.
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Armstrong, Nancy
What Magic Has Victorious Love

Bjoerling, Jussi
Jussi Bjoerling Rarities

Brooks, Patricia
In Recital

, Maria
In Performance
 Never before available!

, Nedda
A Portrait

Curtin, Phyllis
Opera Arias 
In Recital - Sibelius Fest
Fauré & Debussy 
Sings Copland & Rorem

De Los Angeles, Victoria
Live in Concert
Live in Recital

Di Stefano, Giuseppe
Encounters with Great Singers

Faull, Ellen
An American Soprano

Favero, Mafalda
Arias and Duets

Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau - Close
Encounters with Great Singers

In Discussion with Jon Tolansky,
- and musical highlights.

Flagstad, Kirsten
Live in Concert

Freni, Mirella
Mirella Freni - Close
Encounters with Great Singers

In Discussion with Jon Tolansky,
- and musical highlights.

Gigli, Beniamino

Giordani, Marcello
Sicilia Bella

Jenkins, Florence Foster
The Muse Surmounted

, Dorothy
Live Performances
In New Orleans

, Gregory
Rossini Tenor Scenes

Larmore, Jennifer
In Concert

, Evelyn
On The Lighter Side

Sings Wagner & Strauss

Des Knaben Wunderhorn
20th Century Song
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Songs by Richard Strauss
Children's Songs
Narrates Poulenc & Satie
The Art of Evelyn Lear
The Art of the Recital
Opera Arias
An 80th Birthday Tribute

Lehmann, Lotte
The NY Farewell Recital
Live in Concert
, George
In Concert

Malfitano, Catherine
Duets for Voice and Violin
Blue Cat: At Joe's Pub

Martin, Mary
& Merman, Ethel
Ford's 50th Anniversary

Milnes, Sherrill
There but for You Go I
Kingdom by the Sea

Mishura, Irina
In the Silence of the Night

Oberlin, Russell
Music of John Blow
and Henry Purcell

Olivero, Magda
Celebrated Death Scenes

Polenzani, Matthew
Live at the Verbier Festival

Pons, Juan
Verdi Gala

Pons, Lily
The Odeon Recordings

Takes on Nabucco
- and The Magic Flute

, Bidu

Schipa, Tito
Arias & Duets

Scotto, Renata
Christmas with

Steber, Eleanor
In Concert
Sings Richard Strauss
Her First Recordings
Sings Mozart
Steber Collection, Vol. 1

, Thomas
On The Lighter Side

A Portrait

Sings Wagner & Strauss
Des Knaben Wunderhorn
Children's Songs
Songs of Gambling & the Sea

Tebaldi, Renata
NY Farewell Recital
Lewisohn Stadium Concert
Farewell Tour, Moscow

, Maggie
In Concert

Tokody, Ilona
Verdi Gala
Portrait of the Artist

Troyanos, Tatiana
In Recital
w/ James Levine

Uppman, Theodor
Art of Theodor Uppman

Vallin, Ninon
Canciones, Lieder

Villabella, Miguel
Prince of French Tenors

Vickers, Jon
Italian Opera Arias
In Concert
Enoch Arden
75th Birthday Tribute
Jon Vickers - Close
Encounters with Great Singers

, Leonard
His First Recordings
Arias & Songs

Zilliani, Alessandro
Arias & Duets

Zouves, Maria
 With Flowers Crowned


Eileen Farrell in New Orleans
VAI Audio CD, 1260, $16.99

Live performances from the New Orleans Opera feature one of the great sopranos of the twentieth century in scenes from two of her most acclaimed roles. La Forza del Destino (1963) also features Richard Cassilly and Dino Dondi; Renato Cellini, conductor. La Gioconda highlights (1967) with Nell Rankin and Chester Ludgin; Anton Guadagno, conductor. Mono.

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Act I, Scene 1
The Marquis of Calatrava’s Palace
1. Buona notte, mia figlia (Marquis, Leonora) 2:09
2. Temea restasse qui... Me, pellegrina ed orfana (Curra, Leonora) 4:56
3. M’aiuti, signorina... Ah! per sempre (Curra, Leonora, Don Alvaro,
Marquis) 9:14
Act II, Scene 2
Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels
4. Son giunta!... Madre, pietosa Vergine (Leonora, Chorus) 6:20
5. Chi siete? (Fra Melitone, Leonora) 1:51
6. Chi mi cerca? (Padre Guardiano, Leonora, Fra Melitone) 5:48
7. Se voi scacciate (Leonora, Padre Guardiano) 2:27
8. È fermo il voto? (Padre Guardiano, Leonora) 3:44
9. Il santo nome di Dio Signore (Padre Guardiano, Chorus) 7:14
10. La vergine degli angeli (Chorus, Leonora) 2:50
Act IV, Scene 2
Hermitage near the Monastery
11. Pace, pace, mio Dio (Leonora) 5:51
12. Io muoio! Confessione! (Don Carlo, Don Alvaro, Leonora) 3:02
13. Non imprecare (Padre Guardiano, Leonora, Don Alvaro) 4:28

Eileen Farrell (Leonora); Ara Berberian (Marquis of Calatrava); Lydia Neumann (Curra); Richard Cassilly (Don Alvaro); Raymond Michalski (Fra Melitone); Nicola Moscona (Padre Guardiano); Dino Dondi (Don Carlo) Orchestra and Chorus of the New Orleans Opera Renato Cellini, conductor Live performance, November 16, 1963

Almicare Ponchielli (1834-1886)
Act II
14. E un anatèma! (Gioconda, Laura) 3:24
Act IV
15. Suicidio! (Gioconda) 4:22
16. Ora posso morire (Gioconda, Barnaba) 5:25

Eileen Farrell (Gioconda); Nell Rankin (Laura); Chester Ludgin(Barnaba) Orchestra of the New Orleans Opera Anton Guadagno, conductor Live performance, March 2, 1967










































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