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Q. What is VAIMUSIC.COM's return policy?

Q. Are my credit card transactions encrypted and secure?

Q. Why won't the cart accept my order?

Q. Why are incorrect quanties showing in my cart?

Q. How can I abort my order and start over again?

Q. Where can I find information regarding your shipping rates?

Q. Will you send an order confirmation?

Q. What is NTSC? What is PAL?

Q. Will your DVDs play in my country?

Q. Why can't I play your sample video clips?

Q. Why can't I receive your Subscriber New release Announcements?

What is VAIMUSIC.COM's return policy?

You may return new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (if you received an incorrect or defective item).

Refunds: You should expect to receive your refund within 3-7 days after we receive your returned merchandise.

Items that are opened or returned more than 30 days after delivery are subject to a 15% restocking charge.

. Are my credit card transactions encrypted and secure?

A. Yes. You can always tell that any order placed online is secure when you see the prefix HTTPS, instead of HTTP at the beginning of a site's address in your browser's location space. The "S" indicates that the page you are viewing has been securely encrypted.

Your browser will display the HTTPS prefix when you proceed to the final checkout screen to enter your credit card number. It is only necessary to see HTTPS on that final screen because only that data needs to be encrypted for secure transactions. This follows the accepted industry standard practice for secure e-commerce.

Card transactions on meet and exceed the requirements set forth by the major credit card companies and issuing banks. Our shopping cart uses the state-of-the-art AIM (Advanced Integration Method) to securely transmit your encrypted data to Authorize.Net (our transaction approval gateway) for approval. Only the last four digits of your card is actually written to our host-server's hard drive (to serve as a reference number).

Upon shipment of your order, the transaction is completed entirely within Authorize.Net's transaction network. As a leading provider of online transaction services to some of the world's most prominent online web sites, Authorize.Net's security is among the most reliable and respected in the e-commerce industry.

Important information concerning security vulnerabilities recently reported in the news media:

The reported vulnerabilities specifically involve MS IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server). The vulnerabilities allow
hackers to gain access to host-servers (where web pages are stored and served from) in order to steal credit card information, passwords and other confidential information. VAIMUSIC.COM does not use MS IIS host server technology. Our web site uses Apache (server software) running on Linux (host-server operating system). Thus, VAIMUSIC.COM is not vulnerable to this or other modes of attack that plague Microsoft host server technologies.

Moreover, as stated above, since all transactions are actually carried out on Authorize Net's transaction servers which also do not use MS ISS. We are confident that our security is state-of-the-art and cannot be surpassed.

Q. Why won't the cart accept my order?

A. Make sure that you have not disabled cookies on your computer. Our cart installs a "single-session" cookie (usage explained below) which is required to place an order. The session cookie is deactivated after you have successfully completed your order - or after 24 hours if the order is abandoned before completion.

Q. I'm having a problem with incorrect quanties showing in my cart. How can I change the quantities?

A. Hitting the browser Back Button causes this problem. Simply change the quantity in the Quantity box and click the Update Quantity button to the right of any title in your cart. If you wish to go backwards, please use the gray Previous Page button at the top of the cart instead.

Q. How can I abort my order and start over again? Even after rebooting my machine and re-entering the site, I still see my previous cart and order.

A. Abandoning an order to start over again should not be necessary. It is possible to change any incorrect order information before proceeding to the final check out screen and completing your order.

Upon dropping the first item into your cart, our server installs a single-session cookie on your computer which corresponds to a unique "session" established on our host server and which remains active for 24 hours - or until you complete your order. If you are interrupted before completing your order, you may resume your shopping session within 24 hours. The session cookie installed on your machine will be recognized by our server and will display your corresponding cart with your pending order. As long as a session cookie remains active on your machine, it will reference and display its corresponding cart on our server.

If you delete our session cookie from your machine before it expires naturally, and start another order, a new session cookie will be established on your machine and a new (empty) corresponding cart established on our server.

Q. Where can I find information regarding your shipping rates?

A. Shipping rates appear only if you proceed with placing an order.

To see shipping options proceed as if placing an order until you see the rates displayed. You can then abandon your cart or continue to checkout.

We currently offer domestic and international service via US Postal Service and Federal Express.

Q. Will you send an order confirmation?

A. Yes. Our cart generates an automatic email detaling your order information.

Please review it and let us know if it needs to be corrected regarding your customer information, shipping instructions etc. as soon as possible. In addition, upon successfully completing your order, the final checkout screen will display a confirmation detailing your order, which can be printed. (useful if you are using a computer from which you cannot receive your normal email)  Please retain the confimation for your records.
You cannot receive our order confirmation if your junk mail filter blocks it. You may need to specifically allow it to enter your email box. We cannot assist you here. Please conact your access service provider for assistance.

Q. What is NTSC? What is PAL?

A. This pertains to the television broadcast system used in your country. Your VCR (Video Cassette Player) and TV matches the broadcast system in your country. If purchasing VHS tapes, they must be compatible with your player.

NTSC is the broadcast system for U.S. and Japan.
PAL is used in Europe and South/Central America.

For both of the reasons below, our DVDs are playable in the vast majority of all DVD players worldwide.

1) Technically, like VHS players, DVD players must be NTSC or PAL or dual standard. However, the great majority of PAL DVD players are capable of playing NTSC disks perfectly well.

In fact, to-date, we've had exceedingly few complaints regarding playability of our DVDs by customers in PAL countries. Thus we have found it unnecessary to release PAL versions of our DVDs. You may wish to verify that your PAL player is capable of playing NTSC DVDs before ordering.

Q. Will your DVDs play in my country? (technically referred to as region)

We use Region 0 Encoding for worldwide region-compatibility. If your PAL player is incapable of playing our DVDs, it cannot be due to incompatible region encoding.

Q. Why can't I play your sample video clips? General Information About Our Sample Video Clips:

A. For Broadband Connections: The streaming videos are provided in RealMedia®, RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) and are delivered via UDP transport (User Datagram Protocol). This technology, called SureStream®, constantly adjusts your stream in real time to provide higher quality, smooth viewing - particularly for longer clips.

Firewalls block RTSP/UDP streams. If you are behind a corporate firewall or a firewall-enabled DSL/Cable modem or router at home, UDP connections are often blocked by default and stalling may occur. Internet gaming enthusiasts and distance learning students often encounter this situation and must configure their modem and/or router accordingly. Please contact your access provider or modem/router manufacturer for assistance in opening appropriate UDP ports. Simply put, for broadband users willing to make this effort, the quality of streaming video is surprisingly high and we trust you'll agree, well worth it.

Using a new player, broadband users behind a firewall can often watch a dial up version while downloading is in progress - with minimal or no stalling. After buffering the video, play begins rather quickly (please be patient; your buffering time may vary). Download versions play in a smaller size player and are more compressed to reduce download times.

For Dial-up Modem Connections: We suggest completely downloading and saving a download version prior to viewing. This may also result in better performance on older/slower computers.

The RealPlayer® is a free download available at  We suggest using a new version for best possible performance. The paid version of the player offers more user-controllable features but the free version is quite adequate for viewing our clips. Downloading, registration and installation is a simple process.

We chose the RealMedia® format because it is the most technologically reliable and mature solution for RTSP streaming from LINUX or UNIX hosting platforms (most commonly used platforms for Internet hosting). The RealPlayer® is available for both Windows and Mac personal computers.


Q. Why can't I receive your Subscriber New release Announcements?

A. You need to insure announcements are not blocked by your junk mail blockers

Upon your request to subscribe to our New Release Announcement list, we send a confirmation request by e-mail. You must click the enclosed link to fully subscribe. If you don't get our confirmation request, please check your spam/junk filter or folder. Spam filters are the most common reason for not receiving our confirmation request or announcements. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to Challenge-Response requests to confirm to your spam filter that we are human, and not an automatic spam server. Please look for our confirmation request and manually permit reception of our announcements.

If you have un-subscribed yourself from our list and would like to re-subscribe:

When you unsubscribe yourself, our web master must finalize the deletion, which is done before our next announcement is sent out. Unless we have finalized your request to unsubscribe, you cannot re-subscribe since our database recognizes you as still subscribed. If you try to subscribe, and receive a message indicating that you are already subscribed, please look for our confirmation request in your junk mail filter/folder. You may also contact us to have your name manually included on our list.

Before sending a new release announcement, we purge subscription requests that have not been confirmed by would-be subscribers within 30 days. This is done under the assumption that a would-be subscriber never received an automatic confirmation request - for any of the various reasons outlined under our subscribe box and below. Please attempt to subscribe again and look for our confirmation request to complete your subscription. If you are unable to subscribe using our online system, please contact us to request manual inclusion on our list.

Some of the technical reasons your provider's mailserver may refuse to deliver our announcements to you.

a)  No such mailbox/ user on this network.

b)  This message is larger than the current allowable message size. Create a shorter message body or remove attachments and try sending it again.

c)  The following address had permanent fatal errors. (possibly a typographical error on your part?) Please make sure you correctly enter your email address. We often see a missing .COM or .NET)

d)  Host unknown: Name of your host or email service domain name cannot be located on the Internet. Could be a typographical error on your part when entering your e-mail address. For example, we have seen would-be subscribers enter [email protected] (should be yahoo). The host is the domain name (to the right of the @ symbol).

e)  Mailbox currently suspended - Please contact correspondent directly. Your email service is suspended. Please contact your provider.

f)   Mailbox monthly quota exceeded. Are you using a free email service such as for such non-critical mail? Maybe your box has exceeded the allowable limit of stored emails.

g)  Blocked by spam filters or Challenge-Response systems requiring human verification on our part. (Unfortunately, we      are unable to comply with these requests. Please manually permit reception of our announcements if you wish to      receive them.)

If you wish to un-subscribe:

Please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any announcement we send to you - rather than adding us to your spam list.

In addition to receiving our New Release Announcements:

Due to the increasing difficulty - caused by spam - in getting our announcements to you, please note:

We are now posting all new and recent release announcements on the New Releases page of our site. You may wish to bookmark that page for your reference to keep up-to-date on our release and scheduled availability dates.

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