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by Various Artists

Rare Jewish music from
Piano Rolls: 1916-27

Brooklyn Baroque
Pleasures of the French
Northern Lights
J.S. Bach: Works for Flute

Wolf Trap Chamber Group
Wild, Shumsky, Curtis

Historic concert for
four pianos, presented
by the Van Cliburn Foundation

Masters of the Keyboard
Miami Int'l Piano Festival
of Discovery, Vol 1 & 2

Van Cliburn Competition
Retrospective Series

Vol. 1 - Groote - In Memoriam
Vol. 2 - 1977 Competition
Vol. 3 - 1969 Competition
Vol. 4 - 1962,1969 Competition
Vol. 5 - 1985 Competition
Vol. 6 -1989 Competition
Vol. 7 - 1973 Competition
Vol. 8 - 1981 Competition

Vol. 9 - 1993 Competition

The Catalan Piano Tradition

Liszt 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies
Played By 19 Great Pianists

Johann Strauss
- Virtuoso Piano Transcriptions

Greatest Hits of Christmas
Classics; greatest artists!

Artist By Last Name:

, Julius
Julius Baker In Recital
Julius Baker In Recital, Vol. 2

Flute Force: "Pastorale"
- featuring Julius Baker

Barere, Simon
My Father was Simon Barere

Bakamjian, David
Boismortier Sonatas for Cello
and Other Instruments

, Francesco
Music From America

, Jeanne-Marie
The Early Recordings

De Maria, Pietro
De Maria, Pietro

Fitz-Gerald, Kevin
Plays Liszt

Fliter, Ingrid
Plays Chopin
Plays Beethoven & Chopin

Frisardi, Nicola
Brahms Piano Cto. No. 1
& Four Ballades Op. 10

Fuchs, Joseph
Joseph Fuchs In Recital

Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
Issued and Unissued Recordings

Gavrylyuk, Alexander
Live in Recital, 2005
Live in Recital, 2007

Gekic, Kemal
In Concert

Gieseking, Walter
Walter Gieseking
Plays Beethoven
Gieseking Plays Debussy

Haendel, Ida
In Recital
Historic Return to Chelm

, Josef
Complete Josef Hofmann, v. 1
Complete Josef Hofmann, v. 2

Complete Josef Hofmann, v. 3

Complete Josef Hofmann, v. 4

, Ilya
In Recital

, Grant
Faure: Complete Piano Works, v.1

, William
William Kapell In Concert
William Kapell, Vol. 2

Kipnis, Igor
His First Solo Recordings

Korevaar, David
Brahms Variations

Goldberg Variations
Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Kuleshov, Valery
Plays Liszt

, Francesco
Presenting Francesco Libetta
Libetta in Lecce
Libetta Plays Beethoven
Piano Duos
The Art of Finger Dexterity
Mussorgsky & Balakirev
Pozzoli: Studies
Liszt: 12 Symphonic Poems for
Live in Fort Lauderdale
Piano Duos
d ’Avalos: Compositions
Scarlino: Compositions
Music of Bach and Battiato

Debut Recording

, Joseph
Duet for Voice and Violin

Moravec, Ivan
Plays Beethoven
Plays Mozart, Beethoven
& Brahms

Moskovitz, Marc
Cello Music Of David Popper
Alfredo Piatti - Siciliana

Neiman, Adam
In Recital
Early Mozart Concerti

, Ervin
At The Opera

Oldham, Kevin
Out Of The Depths
The Choral & Organ Music

Pechefsky, Rebecca
Krebs Sonatas for Flute & Harpsichord
D'Agincour: Harpsichord Wks, v 1

D'Agincour: Harpsichord Wks, v 2
Bach and his Circle
Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1

Perez, Vanessa

At Carnegie Hall

100th Anniversary Tribute

, Alberto
Plays Chopin
Plays Schumann

In Recital

, Aaron
In Norway

Saperton, David
Plays Chopin & Godowsky

Scarlino, Eriberto (and others)
Scarlino: Compositions

Stallman, Robert

Sultanov, Alexei
Live in Japan

Tureck, Rosalyn
Live At The Teatro Colón
Goldberg Variations
Partitas 1, 2, 6
Great Solo Works
Great Solo Works, v.2
The Young Firebrand
The Young Visionary
Tureck Première Performances
Bach Harpsichord Recital
Rosalyn Tureck Col., v. 5
Live in St. Petersburg

Votapek, Ralph

, Vita and Ishmael
Walter & Pfitzner
Sonatas for Violin & Piano

, Earl
In Concert, Vol. 1
Rachmaninoff Solo Works
Earl Wild: Living History
Earl Wild at 30
Earl Wild at 88!
Rachmaninoff: Song Transcr
Plays Chopin Ballads & Scherzos
Piano Music of Medtner
Plays Beethoven
Etudes Op. 10, 25 & Nouvelles Etudes
Mozart Music for 2 Pianos: Wild & Parkinson
In Concert
Legendary 1981 Baldwin Recs
Paderewski, Scharwenka Piano Cts
Earl Wild in Concert, Vol. 2 - Concertos 
Wild Performs His Own Works


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Ingrid Fliter
" A mature artist in complete command of her instrument ... She made the music sound as though it were being born under her fingers.”   
                                                                                       — The Washington Post

The 2006 recipient of the prestigious Gilmore Artist Award, Ingrid Fliter is a pianist without technical or interpretative limits. She seems always to be on a voyage of discovery, and her music-making demonstrates a spontaneity and individuality rarely encountered today. VAI is proud to present Ingrid Fliter’s CD debut recitals.

Ingrid Fliter Plays Beethoven & Chopin
VAI AUDIO 1250, CD $16.99

Recorded live at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw on February 14, 2005, playing works of Beethoven and Chopin.

Includes: Beethoven: Sonatas No. 7 in D Major and No.18 in E-Flat Major. Chopin: 6 Waltzes: Op.42, No.1; Op. 64, No.2; Op.64, No.3; Op.34, No.1; Op.34, No.3; Op.42 "Grande Valse", and the Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise, Op.22. (79:53)

Ingrid Fliter Plays Chopin
VAI AUDIO 1251, CD $16.99

Recorded live at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw on December 1, 2003 in an all-Chopin recital.

Includes: Nocturne in G Major, Op.9, No.3; Polonaise in F-sharp minor, Op.44; Ballade No.4 in F minor, Op.52; Mazurka in F minor, Op.63, No.2; Scherzo No.4 in E Major, Op.54; Nocturne in D-flat Major, Op.27, No.2; Fantasie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor; Scherzo No.2 in B-flat minor, Op.31; Waltz in A-flat Major, Op.42; Waltz in G-flat Major, Op.70. No.1; Waltz in E-flat Major, Op.18. Encore: Piazzola: "Adios Nonino".
Save 25% by purchasing both CDs as a set. Use the button below to receive discount.

VAI AUDIO 1250 & 1251, $25.49

Until Monday, January 16, 2006, Ingrid Fliter was a pianist with a glowing reputation among informed piano aficionados but with a minimal public image. Everything changed on that date with the announcement that Ingrid Fliter (pronounced fleet-er) had been anointed as the 2006 Gilmore Artist. The New York Times requested and was granted exclusivity on the announcement and an interview with Ms. Fliter appeared in the January 16th edition of the newspaper.

What separates the Gilmore Artist from the winner of a major piano competition and why does it command such attention? For one thing, the Gilmore is not a competition but a grant bestowed upon a pianist who has piqued the interest of the Gilmore search committee. Those involved in the search project observe their subjects anonymously. Until a decision is made, only members of the committee know the identity of the artists being observed, with the artists totally unaware that they have been under the scrutiny of the Gilmore search committee.

Ms. Fliter is the fifth Gilmore artist since the grant was established in 1991. The previous recipient of the grant in 2002 was Piotr Anderszewski. News of his award appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Such is the interest generated by selection of the Gilmore artist. The grant is by far the richest and most generous with its cash award of $300,000 for career furtherance. (For more information on the Gilmore and its mission, visit their website at:

With Ingrid Fliter, the Gilmore has made an inspired choice. The most trenchant appraisal of her artistry came from the music critic of The Washington Post who wrote: “A mature artist in complete command of her instrument. She made the music sound as though it were being born under her fingers.” He really nailed it, for it is the spontaneity of her playing, the personality without excess, and the sheer joy of her music-making that sets Ingrid Fliter apart from her contemporaries.

VAI is proud to launch Ms. Fliter’s discography with two CDs recorded live at Amsterdam’s splendid Concertgebouw concert hall in 2003 and 2005. One is an all-Chopin recital; the other a recital including works by Beethoven and Chopin. She is equally persuasive in the music of both composers; no small feat itself. In addition to this special internet mailing, VAI is making a special offer to our on-line customers in order to help you to get to know the artistry of this remarkable artist. Buy both CDs as a set and receive a 25% discount off the the regular price for both CDs.

Ms. Fliter makes her debut at the Miami International Piano Festival on May 12 of this year. VAI is planning to videotape her recital for a DVD release. Watch our website for further details. To learn more about Ingrid Fliter visit her website at

Ernest Gilbert
President, VAI

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