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compilations or telecasts
starring various artists:

The Astonishing Moiseyev
Dance Co., Vol 1 & 2

Moiseyev: His World of Dance

Vincente Fernández Flamenco Co.
From Granada to Jerez

Art of the Pas de Deux

 all-star compliation
Art of the Pas de Deux, Vol. 2
all-star compilation
Art of the Pas de Deux, Vol. 3
all-star compilation

Pas de Deux
McBride, Olsen, others

Great Stars of Russian Ballet, Vol 1 & 2

Great Stars of Russian Ballet, Vol. 3 & 4

Stars of the Russian Ballet
Ulanova, Plisetskaya,
Sergeyev, Zhdanov

Nina Ananiashvili
& Int'l Stars, Vol. 1

Nina AnaniashviliI
& Int'l Stars, Vol. 2

& documentary
- alphabetically by artist:

, Alicia
Prima Ballerina Assoluta

Bruhn, Erik
Bell Telephone Hour

Bujones, Fernando
with Cynthia Gregory, Live

, Yvette
France's Ballerina Assoluta

, Jacques
Portrait of a Great
American Dancer

An Evening with

with Fernando Bujones, Live

, José
Three Modern Ballets

Loudières, Monique
Comme les Oiseaux - A Portrait

Malakhov, Vladimir
True Prince

Maximova, Ekaterina
Katia & Volodia

, Rudolph
Bell Telephone Hour

Plisetskaya, Maya

Plisetskaya Dances

with Vasiliev,
Begak, Liepa
Swan Lake
with Bogatirev
The Seagull
with Bogatirev

A Portrait

Tallchief, Maria
Art of

Vasiliev, Vladimir
Katia & Volodia


Violette & Mr. B.
The Artist Teacher

Alphabetically by Ballet

Anna Karenina

Plisetskaya, Godunov
Anna Karenina
Plisetskaya, Petukhov,

Maximova, Vasiliev

Le Baiser de la Fée
Yatsenko, Malakhov

Carmen Suite Ballet
Plisetskaya, Fadeyechv,

Barbieri, Ashmole, Bintley,

Fonteyn, Somes,
Ashton, MacMillan

Don Quixote
Ananiashvili, Fadeyechev
Don Quixote
Pavlova, Gordeev. others

Enchantress, The
Zyryanova, Stepanov, Korzhakova,

Fracci, Bortoluzzi, Razzi, Telloli

Gaîté Parisienne
Danilova, Franklin, Danielian

Tuisova, Rumyantsev

Kain, Augystyn

Nureyev, Fracci
Alonso, Vasiliev

Little Humpbacked Horse, The
Plisetskaya, Vasiliev

Lieutenant Kijé
Vasiliev, Struchkova

Marco Spada
Nureyev, Thesmar

Dolgushin, Smirnova, others

Murro, Sutera, Carbone

Semenyaka, Elagin

Rakes Progress
Morse, Katrak, Reeder, others

Kolpakova, Berezhnoi

Rite of Spring
Galimullin, Tsoi

Romeo and Juliet
Maximova, Vasiliev
Romeo and Juliet
Ulanova, Zhdanov

Plisetkskaya, Bogatirev

Sleeping Beauty
Nureyev, Tennant

Sleeping Beauty

Fonteyn, Somes, Ashton

Vasiliev, Bessmertnova, Liepa
Vasiliev, Maximova, Liepa

Stone Flower
Maximova, Vasiliev

Swan Lake
Ananiashvili, Fadeyechev
Swan Lake
Plisetskaya, Fadeyechev

Swan Lake
Plisetskaya, Bogatirev

Massine's Symphonie Fantastique
Erik Bruhn, Toni Lander,
and Stanley Williams
Royal Danish Ballet, 1948

Trapeze / Fragments of a Biography
Maximova, Vasiliev, Liepa,
Timofeyeva, Aleksei Fadeyechev,
and others.


VAI DVD 4410, $29.95

Legendary dancers Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev star in this powerful 1982 film adaptation of the ballet. Based on a story by Chekov, the beautiful score is by Valery Gavrilin, and the choreography is by Vasiliev himself. The supporting cast includes Gali Abaidulov, John Markovsky, Anatoly Gridin, and Marat Daukayev. The State Dmitri Shostakovich Leningrad Orchestra is under the direction of Stanislav Gorkovenko. Bonus: Pas de Deux from The Stone Flower, with Maximova and Vasiliev. Color, mono, 72 minutes.

Ballet in two acts
After Chekhov's story “Anna on the Neck”
Music by Valery Gavrilin
Choreography by Vladimir Valsiliev

Ekaternia Maximova (Anyuta)
Vladimir Vasiliev (Anyuta's father)
Gali Abaidulov (Modest Alekseevich)
John Markovsky (Artynov)
Anatoly Gridin (His Highness)
Marat Daukayev (student)

State D. Shostakovich Leningrad Orchestra
Stanislav Gorkovenko, Conductor

Produced by Lenfilm for Gosteleradio, 1982
Packaging, Design and DVD authoring © 2007 Video Artists International, inc.
(All Rights Reserved)

1. Opening Credits / Prologue (4:34)

Act I
2. Anyuta and her Family in the Town Square (1:50)
Anyuta is observed by her sweetheart, a poor student, and by Modest Alekseevich, a well-to-do official who will
soon ask for her hand in marriage.
3. Memories of Anyuta as a Child (2:41)
Anyuta’s father recalls happier days, before the death of his wife.
4. Modest Alekseevich at his Office (3:06)
His Highness comes to inspect Modest Alekseevich’s office.
5. Preparations for Anyuta’s Marriage to Modest Alekseevich (1:24)
Anyuta unhappily submits to the fitting of her wedding gown.
6. Anyuta Bids Farewell to her Sweetheart (5:26)
Anyuta runs off to meet the poor student for one last goodbye.
7. Marriage of Anyuta to Modest Alekseevich; Wedding Night (4:26)
Anyuta goes through with the marriage in order to save her family from poverty.
8. Anyuta Adjusts to Married Life; Cheered by a Visit from her Brothers (4:09)
Anyuta’s young siblings enliven her otherwise lonely home life.
9. Modest Alekseevich’s Nightmare (3:51)
Anyuta is unable to sleep; meanwhile, jealous thoughts spark Modest Alekseevich’s imagination.

Act II
10. Anyuta Revels in her New Position in Society (19:20)
At a Christmas Ball, Anyuta wins all hearts. Army officers, Artynov (a rich landowner), and even His Excellency
compete for her attentions. Present also is Anyuta’s father, who takes advantage of the situation by getting drunk.
11. After the Ball, Anyuta Dreams of her Innocent Days (3:34)
Anyuta recalls her love for the student and happy times spent with her parents.
12. Anyuta is Visited by Suitors (5:54)
Modest Alekseevich encourages his wife’s popularity with men of position and influence. He soon reaches the summit of his ambitions when he is awarded the order of St. Anna.*
13. Forgotten by Anyuta, her Father and Brothers are Left to Beg in the Streets (1:34)
In the square, the otherwise contented Anyuta is moved by the sight of her destitute family and her distraught former sweetheart, the student.

*The Order of St. Anna was a Holstein and then Russian order of chivalry established by Karl Friedrich, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp in 1735. The motto was “Amantibus Justitiam, Pietatem, Fidem” (“Loving the Truth, Piety, Fidelity”). In 1797, the order was included into the decorations system of Imperial Russia. The title of Chekhov’s “Anna on the Neck” refers both to the order and to the story’s heroine.

Bonus Selection
Scene and Duet of Katerina and Danila from The Stone Flower
Music by Sergei Prokofiev; Choreography by Yuri Grigorovich
Danced by Vladimir Vasiliev & Ekaterina Maximova
Bolshoi Theater Orchestra
Alexander Kopilov, conductor
Produced by Literature And Drama Department Of Gosteleradio, 1979
Complete ballet available as VAI DVD 4411

Copyright © 2000 and 2001, Video Artists International & VAI Audio, All Rights Reserved