Evelyn Lear: Songs My Mother Taught Me (CD)

Evelyn Lear: Songs My Mother Taught Me (CD)

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Russian art songs for voice & piano. Nina Quartin, Evelyn Lear's mother, sings a song from the Crimea (c. 1930).
[1995, Stereo/Mono, 58 minutes]

"Moving songs, serenely sung." CD Review (UK)

"This captures Lear at her vocal and interpretative best." Calgary Herald

Rachmaninoff: Vocalise, Op. 34/14
Rachmaninoff: Lilacs, Op. 21/5
Rachmaninoff: The dream, Op. 8/5
Rachmaninoff: Child, thou art as beautiful as a flower, Op. 8/2
Rachmaninoff: I have grown fond of sorrow, Op. 8/4
Rachmaninoff: Believe me not, friend, Op. 14/7
Rachmaninoff: Spring waters, Op. 14/11
Rachmaninoff: Again I am alone, Op. 26/9
Rachmaninoff: Before my window, Op. 26/10
Tchaikovsky: My Little Garden, Op. 54/4
Tchaikovsky: Not a Word, O My Friend, Op. 6/2
Tchaikovsky: It Was in The Early Spring, Op. 38/2
Rachmaninoff: Do not sing to me, fair maiden, Op. 4/4
Glière: Friendly Star, Op. 12/2
Glière: Ah, Twine No Blossom, Op. 18/7
Stravinsky: Pastorale
Tchaikovsky: To forget so soon
Tchaikovsky: Amid the noise of the ball, Op. 38/3
Tchaikovsky: Does the Day Reign, Op. 47/6

Evelyn Lear, soprano
Rudolf Jansen, piano


Tchaikovsky: Evening, Op. 46/1
Gretchaninoff: Baju-Bai, Op. 31/5
Gretchaninoff: Ai du du, Op. 31/1

Evelyn Lear, soprano
Thomas Stewart, baritone
Georg Roessner, piano


Anonymous: Song from the Crimea

Nina Quartin, voice