Jeanne-Marie Darré: The Early Recordings (CD)

Jeanne-Marie Darré: The Early Recordings (CD)

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Recordings made between 1922 and 1947 for English Vocalion, Polydor, HMV and Pathé. Transfers and digital mastering by Ward Marston.
[1994, Mono, 2-CD, 135 minutes]

Chopin: Etudes, Op. 10/1 in C; Op. 10/2 in A minor; Op. 10/4 in C-sharp minor; Op. 10/5 in G-flat, "Black Key"; Op. 25/1 in A-flat, "The Aeolian Harp"; Op. 25/6 in G-sharp minor; Op. 25/8 in D-flat; Op. 25/9 in G-flat, "Butterfly"
Chopin: Ecossaises, Op. 72/3
Chopin: Tarantelle in A-flat, Op. 42
Chopin: Andante spianato e grande polonaise brillante, Op. 22 (Paris Conservatory Orchestra conducted by André Cluytens)
Saint-Saëns: Etude in F, Op. 111/6, "Toccata d'après le cinquième concerto"
Saint-Saëns: Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22 (Orchestra of the Colonne Concerts conducted by Paul Paray)
J. Strauss (arr. E. Dohnányi): Schatz Waltz from The Gypsy Baron
J.S. Bach (arr. R. Pick-Mangiagalli): Prelude from Partita No. 3 in E for solo violin
Weber (arr. R. Ganz): Sonata No. 1 in C, Op. 24 - IV: Presto-Perpetuum mobile
Schumann: Romance in F-sharp, Op. 28 no. 2
Mendelssohn: Prelude in D, Op. 104a/3
Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words - Op. 19/1 in E, "Sweet Remembrance"; Op. 53/4 in F, "Berceuse"; Op. 62/6 in A, "Spring Song"; Op. 67/4 in C, "The Spinning Song"
Liszt: Paganini Etudes - No. 5 in E, "La Chasse"; No. 3 in A-flat minor, "La Campanella" (1838 and 1851 versions)
Liszt: Transcendental Etudes - No. 5, "Feux Follets"; No. 11, "Harmonies du soir"
Liszt: Polonaise No. 2 in E
Liszt: Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat
Philipp: Caprice in Double Notes in F-sharp
Rachmaninoff: Preludes - Op. 3/2 in C-sharp minor; Op. 23/5 in G minor
Jaray-Janetschek: Toccata

"An album to return to again and again and hear with equal parts of amazement and enjoyment." Gramophone

"Darré brings down the house with her extraordinary speed and feathery touch" Clavier

"Darré's playing was often described as the epitome of the French piano style, which I take to mean finesse, clarity, sharply delineated articulation, and extremely refined technique. Darré exhibits all this, and more, in every one of these scintillating performances." "For a bracing distillation of all these qualities, I suggest the last movement of the Saint-Saëns concerto. For its dazzling articulation and whirling rush of energy I know of no competitive version that can match it." "Time after time all through both discs the pianist takes the listener's breath away with the lucidity, sparkle, and vitality of her spirit." Fanfare