L'HEURE ESPAGNOLE (Premiere recording, 1929) (CD)

L'HEURE ESPAGNOLE (Premiere recording, 1929) (CD)

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Premiere recording from 1929 of Ravel's delightful one-act masterpiece, recorded under Ravel's supervision. English translation of libretto included. Transfers and digital mastering by Barton Wimble.
[1994, Mono, 47 minutes]

Opera in One Act
Music by Maurice Ravel
Text by Franc-Nohain

Concepcion - Jeanne Krieger
Gonsalve - Louis Arnoult
Torquemada - Raoul Gilles
Ramiro - J. Aubert
Don Inigo Gomez - Hector Dufranne

Orchestra under the direction of Georges Truc

"This 1929 recording under the composer's supervision is perfection itself [...] a fun filled hour as well as an important historical document" Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"One will listen in vain to any subsequent recording to get the conversational tone, the absolute clarity of enunciation, the lightness of touch, the rapidity and dangerous charm of the piece." Classic Music (Music Discount Center, UK)