Thomas Stewart: Songs of Gambling and the Sea (CD)

Thomas Stewart: Songs of Gambling and the Sea (CD)

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Thomas Stewart sings Sea Chanties (including "Shenandoah") and Gambler Songs. Includes duets with his wife, soprano Evelyn Lear. Performances date from 1959 to 1978.
[1996, Mono/*Stereo, 59 minutes]

Five Sea Chanties (arranged by C. Dougherty):
Rio Grande
Blow Ye Winds
Across the Western Ocean
Mobile Bay
(Klaus Rössner, piano; recorded 1959)

The Boatmen's Dance (A. Copland, arr.)
(Klaus Rössner, piano; recorded 1958)

Five Gambler Songs (arranged by J.J. Niles):
The Rovin' Gambler
The Gambler's Lament
The Gambler's Wife
Gambler, Don't You Lose Your Place
Gambler's Song of the Big Sandy River
(Hans Hilsdorf, piano; recorded 1960)

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (S. Foster)
Warm as the Autumn Night (D. Moore)
I Bought Me a Cat (A. Copland, arr.)
Think You a Little Din (V. Giannini)
(Klaus Rössner, piano; recorded 1958)

The Circus Band* (C. Ives)
The Greatest Man* (C. Ives)
Charlie Rutlage* (C. Ives)
(Martin Katz, piano; recorded 1978)

Dover Beach (S. Barber)
(Hans Bastiaan and Johannes Blau, violin; Fritz Steiner, viola; Peter Steiner, cello; recorded 1961)

Duets with Evelyn Lear* (arranged by C. Dougherty):
Mary Ann
Wayfaring Stranger
Uncle Joe's Reel
(Martin Katz, piano; recorded 1978)