Nancy  Armstrong: What Magic Has Victorious Love (CD)

Nancy Armstrong: What Magic Has Victorious Love (CD)

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Soprano Nancy Armstrong in a recital of music by Purcell and Handel
[2002, Stereo, 61 minutes]

Henry Purcell
Music for a while
The Fairy Queen (selections)
- When a cruel long winter
- Thus the ever grateful Spring
- Here's the summer sprightly gay
- See my many colour'd fields
- The Plaint
- Now the night
- See, even night
The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation
If Music be the food of love
Sweeter than roses

with The Boston Museum Trio:
Daniel Stepner, violin
Laura Jeppesen, viola da gamba
John Gibbons, harpsichord
assisted by Anthony Martin, violin

George Frideric Handel
La Lucrezia (O numi eterni)

with Peter Sykes, harpsichord
Phoebe Carrai, cello

Henry Purcell
Dido and Aeneas - Thy hand, Belinda... When I am laid in earth

with Kinoch Earle and Jane Starkman, violin
Daniel Reinker, viola
Phoebe Carrai, cello
Peter Sykes, harpsichord

Nancy Armstrong, soprano