NAUGHTY MARIETTA Munsel, Drake (1955) (DVD)

NAUGHTY MARIETTA Munsel, Drake (1955) (DVD)

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Complete 1955 live telecast. Produced and directed by Max Liebman.
B&W, 77 minutes, 4:3, All regions

Music by Victor Herbert
Libretto by Rida Johnson Young
TV Adaptation by Neil Simon, William Friedberg, Fred Saidy, and William Jacobson

Marietta d'Altena - Patrice Munsel
Captain Dick Warrington - Alfred Drake
Lt. Governer Le Grange - John Conte
Yvonne - Gale Sherwood
Louis D'Arc - Don Driver
Captian of Ship - Robert Gallagher
Rudolfo - William La Massena
Dancers - Bambi Linn & Rodd Alexander

Charles Dagmar and his Punch & Judy

Conducted by Charles Sanford