Spartacus - Vasiliev, Bessmertnova, Liepa (Bolshoi 1977) (DVD)

Spartacus - Vasiliev, Bessmertnova, Liepa (Bolshoi 1977) (DVD)

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The famed 1977 Grigorovich setting of Spartacus starring Vladimir Vasiliev as the heroic slave who leads the unsuccessful revolt against the Romans. Upon the film's release, the New York Times chief dance critic wrote: "Vladimir Vasiliev dances and acts on a heroic level that is the performance of a lifetime. Maris Liepa matches him on every point magnificently as the villain, Crassus. With its phalanxes confronting the camera head-on and its slow-motion shots of Vasiliev soaring through the sky, the film takes its chances. It is also one of the best dance films ever made." Natalia Bessmertnova dances the role of Phrygia with melting lyricism. Also features Nina Timofeyeva.
Color, 95 minutes, 4:3, All regions