Karel Ancerl (1969) & Herman Scherchen (1965) (DVD)

Karel Ancerl (1969) & Herman Scherchen (1965) (DVD)

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Great Conductors in Rehearsal and Performance: Karel Ancerl & Herman Scherchen
Karl Ancerl leads the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in a rehearsal and performance of Smetana's Moldau. Hermann Scherchen rehearses his own orchestration of Bach's Art of the Fugue with the CBC Toronto Chamber Orchestra.
Color/B&W, 115 minutes, 4:3, All regions

Karl Ancerl in Rehearsal and Performance (1969)
The legendary Czech conductor rehearses and performs Smetana's Moldau with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. This 1969 television production from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was made just before Ancerl assumed his post as director of the Toronto Symphony. [Color, 57 minutes]

Herman Scherchen in Rehearsal: Bach's Art of the Fugue (1965)
The great conductor Hermann Scherchen (1891-1966) was throughout his life absorbed with Bach's Art of the Fugue. After years of conducting Graeser's and Vuataz's versions, he composed his own orchestration, which he then performed during the last twelve years of his life. In 1965, the CBC filmed Scherchen's rehearsal of the work with the CBC Toronto Chamber Orchestra and Kenneth Gilbert, harpsichord. [B&W, 58 minutes]