The Astonishing Moiseyev Dance Company, Vol.2 (DVD)

The Astonishing Moiseyev Dance Company, Vol.2 (DVD)

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This second volume in VAI’s retrospective on Russia’s most popular dance troupe features such colorful works as the Aragon Jota, the clever Bashkirian Dance, where choreography is heightened by optical illusion, and the extended, rollicking Greek Suite providing an exhilarating finale to another Moiseyev spectacular.
Color, 80 minutes, 4:3, All regions

“Summer” from Russian Dance Suite
Venezuelan Dance
Aragon Jota
Moiseyev Speaks (filmed segment)
Bashkirian Dance (filmed segment)
Moldavian Suite
Old City Quadrille
Gypsy Dance
Greek Suite

Moiseyev Dance Company
Igor Moiseyev, director

Live performances (unless otherwise noted)
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow
1988 (1-4; 8, 10) / 1975 (7, 9)