Francesco d'Avalos: Compositions For Piano - Libetta (CD)

Francesco d'Avalos: Compositions For Piano - Libetta (CD)

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Francesco d'Avalos is best known as a conductor, but he was composing long before his conducting debut. His compositional style employs a traditional tonal technique and often evokes composers of the Romantic period, including Schumann, Strauss, Mahler, and Debussy.

Vergängliche Bilder, variations for piano
Albumblatt, for piano
Variazione di una variazione, for piano
Variazioni reciproche (4), for piano
Preludes (13), for piano
Notturno, for piano
Piccola Romanza, for piano
Foglio d'Album, for piano
Minuetto, for piano
Paysages marines, for piano
Pezzi caratteristici (2), for piano: "Le marionette suonano e ballano", "Veli neri e bianchi ballano nella notte"
Valzer, for piano