films, comedy, etc.

A Connecticut Yankee
(Rodgers & Hart) starring
Eddy Albert

Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison
Kiss Me, Kate


Florence Foster Jenkins
A World of Her Own

Carmen (1915 film)
starring Geraldine Farrar
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

Don Quixote
Feodor Chaliapin

8th Van Cliburn Competition
Here to Make Music

Lotte Lehmann:
Master Class: Opera
Master Class: Lieder

- First Family of the Piano

Anna Russell:
First Farewell Concert
Crown Princess of Comedy

The Great Waltz
Munsel, Novotna

The Mikado
D’Oyly Carte

Naughty Marietta
Munsel, Drake

Glory of Spain
De Los Angeles,
De Laroccha, Segovia

La Gran Scena
Opera parodies by the
hilarious all-male troupe
Vera: Life of a Diva
Vera Galupe-Borszkh looks back
Vera Galupe Borszkh in Recital
produced by the founder of
La Gran Scena Opera Company!

PDQ Bach, Abduction of Figaro
Peter Schickele's zany comedy

What The Universe Tells Me

A Film About
Mahler's Third Symphony
- narrated by Stockard Channing

The Lovers' Exile (Chikamatsu)

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Vera: Life of a Diva
VAI DVD 4494 $24.95

Follow La Gran Scena’s legendary prima donna Vera Galupe-Borszkh from her birth in Odessa to her near-death in Rome, through her training with the great bel canto expert Maestro Manuel Galupe (the last living castrato), her marriage to him (“I loved what was left of him”), the formation of her opera company, La Gran Scena, her romantic betrayal by Hungarian baritone Fodor Szedan, her trial for his murder during Tosca, her comeback, master classes, career-usurping by upstart divas, and ultimate triumph – all told through side-splitting biographical episodes and great operatic scenes, performed with La Gran Scena’s internationally acclaimed combination of affectionate, knowledgeable spoof and musical excellence! 150 minutes, Color, mono, 4:3, All regions.

La Gran Scena Opera Co.
Ira Siff, Artistic Director

Vera: Life of a Diva
Starring Vera Galupe-Borszkh
and the stars of La Gran Scena Opera Co.
Ira Siff • Philip Koch • Keith Jurosko
Kyle Church Cheseborough • Patrick Jones

Musical Direction: Todd Sisley
Book written by Ira Siff
Stage Direction: Peter Schlosser and Ira Siff

Costume Design: Penny Luedtke, Susan Soedaert, Ken Yount
Lighting Design: Matt Berman
Scenic Elements: Richard Coumbs
Wig & Make-up Design: Christopher Banner
Encore Arrangement: Richard Burke
Jewelry Design: Lawrence Vrba
Production Stager Manager: Joe Mcguire
Managing Director: Colette Domingues
Videotape: Bradshaw Smith / Applause Video Productions

1. Introduction & Birth of a Diva
2. Vera’s Voice Discovered
3. Vera Departs for Rome
4. Philene Wanelle
5. Maestro Manuel Galupe
6. Marriage to Maestro Galupe
7. The Widow Galupe-Borszkh
8. La Gran Scena Opera Company
9. Saint-Säens: SAMSON ET DALILA En ces lieux, malgré moi
(Philene Wanelle and Bruno Foccaccia)
10. Vera: More Memories
11. Puccini: TOSCA Act II Excerpts
(Vera Galupe-Borszkh, Fodor Szedan, and Bruno Foccaccia)
12. Vera Awaits Judgment
13. Master Class
14. Vera’s Comeback (Sylvia Bills, host)
15. Massenet: MANON Toi! Vous!
(Vera Galupe-Borszkh and Bruno Foccaccia)
16. Puccini: MADAMA BUTTERFLY Flower Duet
(Kavatina Turner and Philene Wanelle)
17. Kavatina Turner
18. Vera’s Final Hours: Vissi d’arte
19. Final Speech and Encore
20. Closing Credits

© 1997 La Gran Scena Opera Co.
Creative content © 2009 Video Artists International, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

La Gran Scena Opera Company of New York
VAI DVD 4270, $24.95

Under the artistic direction of Ira Siff (aka Vera Galupe-Borszkh), La Gran Scena has become legendary for its opera parodies. Their debut DVD release includes their unparalleled take on Act II of Tosca. “La Gran Scena puts on a very, very funny show. If the company’s dramatic satire is right on target, its musical barbs are also aimed with deadly accuracy. Best of all, there is nothing mean-spirited about La Gran Scena’s wicked wit, which is always motivated by a love of opera and a joy in singing. Bravi!” —Peter G. Davis, New York. 112 program minutes and 48 minutes of bonus material. Color.

The Casts

Philip Koch, Keith Jurosko, Bruce Hopkins, Dennis Raley, Dan Brack, Charles Walker, Luis Russinyol, David Sabella, Johnny Maldonado, Joe Simmons, Ross Barentyne

Stage directors: Peter Schlosser, Jane Whitehall, Ira Siff

Wagner; Entrance of the Divas

Handel: “Iris Hence Away” from Semele

Puccini: “O soave fanciulla” from La Boheme

Donizetti: Mad Scene from Lucia di Lammermoor

Bizet: ‘Sèguedille” from Carmen

Verdi: Final Scene from La Traviata

Tribute to Diana Ross

Live at Theaterfestival, Munich, 1985


Puccini: Act II from Tosca

Live December 1994

Copyright © 2000 and 2001, Video Artists International & VAI Audio, All Rights Reserved