films, comedy, etc.

Florence Foster Jenkins
A World of Her Own

Carmen (1915 film)
staring Geraldine Farrar
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

Don Quixote
Feodor Chaliapin

8th Van Cliburn Competition
Here to Make Music

Lotte Lehmann:
Master Class: Opera
Master Class: Lieder

- First Family of the Piano

Anna Russell:
First Farewell Concert
Crown Princess of Comedy

Glory of Spain
De Los Angeles,
De Laroccha, Segovia

Khachaturian - A Musician
and His Fatherland

La Gran Scena

Opera parodies by the
hilarious all-male troupe
Vera Galupe Borszkh in Recital
produced by the founder of
La Gran Scena Opera Company!

The Mikado
The D'Oyly Carte Opera Co.

Naughty Marietta
Munsel, Drake

Great Waltz
Munsel, Novotna, Lahr

PDQ Bach, Abduction of Figaro
Peter Schickele's zany comedy

What The Universe Tells Me

A Film About
Mahler's Third Symphony
- narrated by Stockard Channing

The Lovers' Exile (Chikamatsu)

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Adventures of Don Quixote (1933)
VAI DVD 4367, $29.95

The legendary bass Feodor Chaliapin (1873-1938), regarded as one of the supreme singing actors of the 20th century, left an invaluable record of his art in this, his only sound film. Though primarily an actor in this film, Chaliapin is afforded ample opportunity to sing. The musical score consists of four songs by Jacques Ibert and one by Alexander Dargomyzhsky. Don Quixote is directed by G. W. Pabst, described by Leonard Maltin as “one of the prime architects of modern cinema.” As was the case with many early sound films destined for international release, it was filmed both in English and French versions. This DVD presents both versions, with English, French, German, and Italian subtitles. 115 minutes, B&W.

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