films, comedy, etc.

A Connecticut Yankee
(Rodgers & Hart) starring
Eddy Albert

Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison
Kiss Me, Kate


Florence Foster Jenkins
A World of Her Own

Carmen (1915 film)
starring Geraldine Farrar
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

Don Quixote
Feodor Chaliapin

8th Van Cliburn Competition
Here to Make Music

Lotte Lehmann:
Master Class: Opera
Master Class: Lieder

- First Family of the Piano

Anna Russell:
First Farewell Concert
Crown Princess of Comedy

The Great Waltz
Munsel, Novotna

The Mikado
D’Oyly Carte

Naughty Marietta
Munsel, Drake

Glory of Spain
De Los Angeles,
De Laroccha, Segovia

La Gran Scena
Opera parodies by the
hilarious all-male troupe
Vera: Life of a Diva
Vera Galupe-Borszkh looks back
Vera Galupe Borszkh in Recital
produced by the founder of
La Gran Scena Opera Company!

PDQ Bach, Abduction of Figaro
Peter Schickele's zany comedy

What The Universe Tells Me

A Film About
Mahler's Third Symphony
- narrated by Stockard Channing

The Lovers' Exile (Chikamatsu)

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A Masterpiece of Japanese Puppet Theater
The Lovers' Exile (Chikamatsu)
Marty Gross Film Productions, MGFP 3002, $39.95

The Lovers' Exile is an adaptation of Meido No Hikyaku by Japanese dramatist Monzaemon Chikamatsu (1673-1724). The story, one of Chikamatsu's greatest domestic tragedies, recounts the love between a penniless clerk and an indentured prostitute.The only filmed adaptation of a classic Bunraku performance, The Lovers' Exile is performed entirely by the Bunraku Ensemble of Osaka, widely considered the most sophisticated puppet theatre in the world. Includes performances by some of the most important Bunraku performers of the late 20th century. 90 minutes, color, Japanese with English subtitles. 1980. All regions.

The Bunraku Theatre Ensemble, and numerous of its players have been declared Living National Treasures of Japan.

".... remarkably affecting and surprising... a theatrical experience..."
Vincent Canby, New York Times

"... accomplished with rare taste, taste that brings the subject to life rather than embalming it... the movie lives and breathes."
Jay Scott, Globe & Mail

In 2003 UNESCO proclaimed Bunraku a “masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.”

Introduction by Jean-Louis Barrault

DVD Special Features include:

FILMING BUNRAKU, a 12 minute documentary


BOOKLET includes:
Introduction by Jean-Louis Barrault

A Note on Bunraku, by Susan Sontag

The Tradition of Bunraku, by Barbara Curtis Adachi

The Art of Bunraku: Discussion with Dr. Northrop Frye


Monzaemon Chikamatsu


Notes on the Production

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