Rosalyn Tureck - Bach Recital (1995); Lecture (2002) (DVD)

Rosalyn Tureck - Bach Recital (1995); Lecture (2002) (DVD)

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Rosalyn Tureck was one of the most important figures in the interpretation of the music of J.S. Bach in the 20th century. This centennial tribute, released in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of Tureck’s birth (1913-2013), features two performances: A live piano recital from St. Petersburg, Russia, taped in 1995; and a lecture-demonstration on Embellishment in the Music of Bach, taped in 2002, just a year before her death. The lecture-demonstration includes musical examples from the Goldberg Variations and the Italian Concerto, and is the first video release of Dr. Tureck in the role of lecturer. English subtitles (Lecture).
Color, Stereo (recital) / Mono (lecture), 193 minutes, 4:3, All regions

All-Bach Recital

J.S. Bach:
Adagio in G major (BWV 968)
Capriccio on the Departure of a Beloved Brother (BWV 992)
Aria and Ten Variations in the Italian Style (BWV 989)
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue (BWV 903)
Partita No. 2 in C minor (BWV 826)
Prelude in E-flat minor (BWV 853)
Musette in D major (S. Anh. 126)

Rosalyn Tureck, piano
(Recorded June, 1995, Great Hall of the Philharmonic, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Lecture-Demonstration on Embellishment in the Music of J.S. Bach

Ornamentation in the 20th Century
The Rules of Embellishment
Application of Specific Ornaments
J.S. Bach: Aria from Goldberg Variations
Bach’s Own Realization of Ornamentation
Pros and Cons of the Early Music Movement
Arpeggiated Chords in the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
Ornamentation and Different Instruments
Ornamentation in the Italian Concerto
J.S. Bach: Italian Concerto, 2nd movement

Rosalyn Tureck, lecturer and piano
(Recorded July 13, 2002, Williamstown Festival, Massachusetts)