HOLIDAY starring Doretta Morrow & Keith Andes (DVD)

HOLIDAY starring Doretta Morrow & Keith Andes (DVD)

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Ships November 22, 2016

An original made-for-TV musical, produced and directed by Max Liebman. Holiday tells the story of Nell Valentine (Doretta Morrow), a young schoolteacher who breaks the routine of her everyday life to embark on a European adventure. Nell meets and falls in love with the mysterious Ray Brinton (Keith Andes), another American apparently on vacation, whose past poses an obstacle to their romance. The cast includes a rare dramatic and musical performance by Kitty Carlisle as Ray's estranged wife Adele, as well as cameo appearances by Tammy Grimes and Jacques d’Amboise. Cast: Nell Valentine: Doretta Morrow, Ray Brinton: Keith Andes, Adele Brinton: Kitty Carlisle, with Jacques d’Amboise, Tammy Grimes, and George Irving Featured Dancers: Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander. Music by Clay Warnick and Mel Pahl, based on themes of Johann Strauss, Jr. Lyrics by Edward Eager, book by William Friedberg and Neil Simon. Live telecast of June 9, 1956. DVD Includes the original commercials as a separate bonus feature. Black & White, 90 minutes (including extras).